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A lot of people have asked me why "Greek Complexity". Short answer: no reason. Or rather, when I first had to pick a name for the blog, I thought I'd take "inspiration" from the random words musicians throw together when they name their bands. Such as Foo Fighters. Or U2. Or The Beatles. And those aren't even real words! At least I picked two words you can find in the dictionary.

Longer answer: When I first started blogging in the late 90s, I was fascinated by the then not-so-well-known field of Complexity Theory. I was new to it back then and the technical papers I read were mostly, er, Greek to me. At its core, Complexity Theory is the idea that the behaviour of some systems cannot be predicted by examining the individual constituents of these systems, even if those individual constituents are simple agents following simple rules: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. See the first couple minutes of this video for a simple example:

Evaluating new markets and investing in start-ups is a lot like this. You have to know all the underlying elements and trends of course, but more importantly, you also have to know how they all come together if you're going to understand how the system as a whole works.