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Mar 02, 2011


Anthony Selley

Until a Cabinet Minister is killed while riding a bike, car users (by what they assume is a right of road usage afforded by a system called COE..."of Entitlement") we will not see drivers afford any respect to those who pedal.

Maybe if the said legal 1.5m was actually enforced, and the the fines imposed, we might see safer roads. Maybe instead of relying on a system of cameras and "after the fact fines', riders would be made safe by an actual visible Police presence on the roads...and maybe, just maybe a Police presence that operates on zero-tolerance, thus fining rider and driver alike as they break the law.

Murli Ravi

Totally agree with every single point you make, including the one about fining law-breaking cyclists. Well, alright, maybe not the Cabinet Minister bit :)

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